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Automation Repair

K+S has installed over 25 robotic manipulator & controller diagnostic systems in order to facilitate complete functional and closed loop testing for a wide range of robotic components. Electrical devices ranging from CPU, axis, and communications boards to teach pendants, power supplies, servo drives, I/O modules and operator display panels are within K+S repair capabilities. Mechanical items such as gear boxes, balancers, wrist assemblies and servo motors are also supported. These diagnostic systems will ensure full load and repeatability testing for all your robotic repair needs.

K+S can provide full system testing of Fanuc, Yaskawa / Motoman, Nachi, ABB, Kawasaki, and Kuka robot systems.

K+S test robots are regularly maintained and kept to industry standards ensuring the quality of your repair matches your production environment. As a result of our rigorous test standards, K+S can provide you a 12 month warranty on all automation repairs and, as with all K+S repairs, complete Failure Analysis reports are provided to assist you in identifying common failure modes on your equipment.

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